Without pre-purchasing a ticket, GravityX can not guarantee a jump session.

What’s inside

Free Jump Space

Defy gravity in our free jump space!

Our free jump space offers numerous trampolines for you to jump on, leap from wall to wall and across to connecting trampolines. Experience the thrill and freedom to soar through the air, twisting and flipping, as you explore your trampolining potential in our massive trampoline arena.

Big Air Bag

Our Big Air Bag offers a safer, more hygienic alternative to a foam pit, without sacrificing any of the fun.

Games Space

Your team can be competitive and battle it out on the dodgeball court or just have a friendly game of fun.

Junior Trampoline Space

At GraxityX, we know that bigger children getting in the way of, or even injuring, your younger child is a very real worry. For that reason,

Little Astronauts

Here at GravityX, we know that having a safe space for your young ones to play is important.

Infinity Cafe

If you are looking for a little rest, or just want to watch the kids, then our café is for you.

The Party Place

What better feeling is there to see your child have the time of their life on their birthday?

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